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Blog -- a week after...

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a week after...

Blog posted on 06-09-2009
sudah hampir seminggu (kurang 26 jam) sejak kejadian itu.. it's been the longest week ever!! hari-hari berjalan begitu lambat.. i could hardly remember what i've done the day before!

phew... to have lost ur foetus feels as if u've killed them urself, with ur own ego, not even crossed my mind that whatever i do with my body would definitely affect my foetus as well. i feel terribly sad and depressed for losing him/her..

i wish i hadn't stressed myself out with all the things that i've worried. i wish i wasn't such a fool that i had to argue with my partner -3 days in a row! i wish i had taken the medicine earlier. i wish i was happy all the time -but i couldn't! things weren't the way they supposed to be :(

i felt so tired in a few day that i spent the whole day in bed today, trying to restore myself to the best of health. i am currently taking on medicines to clean my womb up, and will have appointment with my doctor next week, see if my womb has cleared up or not. worst case, i gotta face that curretage! i've spent so much to check on my foetus' the time i knew i was pregnant, but now they all gone, turned into ashes before i even enjoy being a pregnant woman.

it's so hard to face that you only get to feel what it feels like to be pregnant for roughly 2 weeks...and after that God took it all away from you.

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