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Blog -- Ways to increase students learning

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Ways to increase students learning

Blog posted on 31-12-2018

It has always been a tough challenge for teachers to make students interest in any subject. This is also due to the variables that are affected and also their engagement with a particular subject. Lack of interest, no proper concentration in the class, family problems, learning disabilities, and many more. It’s not fun all the time when you as students come to the university. Whatever is taught in the class, is only for you, BUT, at the end you need to give a try and perform at your best. 

Well, Change is not always welcomed and when the need is there to change; vision, strategies, materials and instructional methods, all needs to be in working order for the overall improvement.

Let’s get started and share the ways by which teachers can give their best and be creative to increase students learning.

Learning is part of the daily life and Fun

It is always a matter of interest to relate a subject with your daily life routine, this will help in making more of an interest in which the teacher is explaining. And, sometimes, you are well aware that some subjects are just ‘boring’, you as teachers need to be creative and make the learning process a more FUN. Try some tricks, magical chairs, showing some comedy… Make your students enjoy in a way that they never forget that subject.

Relevance to their Careers

Many of the think that at the end of their academic year, from university, they will be ready to get a good job. This is the way many of the parents and students see university like that. But, unfortunately, this is not the way. You as students need to take advantage of the subject and make it work within the environment. Teachers need to give focus to students on their careers and explain them the subject relevancy in fields like how doctor and engineer can use this particular information and hot dancer, writer can become successful using the strategy in this subject/ topic.

Providing the opportunity to practice

If the teacher really wants to get engaged with the students and want them to learn something, then make them participate in some activity. Ask them for some input in the subject in form of presentation; tell them to look for resources. Well, taking of resources…

Use of multiple resources

In order to make students awake in the class during the presentation, teachers must use multiple resources. Ask your students to do my assignment in UK formatting style to get use to the standards and improve their writing skills. They can also relate the assignment with some video, story or some guest to speak of the topic.

Make them learn about OBJECTIVITY

Teachers need to be attentive in the class when the students are working on some task. They much know the difference between thinking and assisting and also answering.  How much time they need to think for an answer and not only answer, but also in their learning. The time controlling strategy will help students to increase their objectivity in getting to know about the instructions and other combinations.

Leave the exams, for later

Do not be too fast in starting the new topic and without taking the test as a routine work. Try to introduce some new paramount’s in teaching (Project based learning, Inquiry based learning) to make it fun and students will get in touch with the subject in some other dimension.

Teach smarter

To enhance the students learning and make them come to the class, you need to change your teaching style and incorporate research-based strategies.  You need to be on top of the latest developments in teaching and developing new research base strategies.

Change the classroom environment

Students tend to get bored, sitting the whole day in the class, especially at the university level.  So, why not give them the opportunity to use a different environment and see how it affects their learning. Take them to some educational trip (related with the topic) museum, mature walk or even the backyard of the university. The fresh air on their faces and other galore will keep them alert and more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Getting the very best from the students is not always an easy task. But, you need to know about their hobbies and goals in order to better relate that particular interest in their lives. Students also have demands and you as teachers need to live up with their expectations and offer your best to make them understand.

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