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Blog -- its 6 week..

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its 6 week..

Blog posted on 15-01-2013
i got good news for you..

"i'm pregnant!!!! wew....." *shout loudly*

ahahahaa. i just couldnt believe that i have an unborn baby in my body.

i hope all that is well... i hope everything goes fun until the baby born to the world...

it's 6 weeks already... according to the books, it started to build any kind of cell such as cell of blood, the brain, the intelligence and so on...

Ya Allah thank for this mercy.. i love you.

please give me strength to keep it and take care of it. :)))))


we (me and my hubby) put many hopes to our unborn baby


It feels so happy. Amazing !! It beyonds everything.


because i can feel somebody in my body..


I hope everything is perfect and normal.


Now i'm fighting my apprehensive about my baby condition.


Then i'll never stop praying and asking for the best to my God..

I hope the food that i eat could be a good nutrient for the baby


So.. i put extra attention to the food,


i eat many kind of vegetables, fresh fruits, and no forget, milk.


Subhannallah... i hope everything's gonna be fine. Amin.

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