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Blog -- Mom, you’re so naughty! You listen and obey me!

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Mom, you’re so naughty! You listen and obey me!

Blog posted on 23-06-2008
The ability of Keiko to argue and disobey her father or me is getting crazy. Many times we end up in arguments with high volume voice or Keiko’s crying to put the authority in its place. She often argued me with her, 'Mom, I am so angry, because you are so naughty! You have to listen and obey to me!' Keiko has a Pentium 7 brain that works on all the input data just in seconds. While my Pentium 2 brain often times hang to the new style of her argue. I sometimes do not know what to do with my 3-year-old daughter.

But! This happens so often when I have to do something else and Keiko has to wait for my attention. She is not ready to be away of my attention. She is not ready to share time, attention, or just to let me talk to her Daddy. All is for her. She doesn’t care bout toys, she care a lot about people around her to pay attention to her. She doesn’t care if someone finish her chocolate, she just don’t want to be left behind in a gathering and sharing time. I know she needs me, all of me. Yet she has to learn to share life better.

The more I try to bend her, the harder she becomes. Seems that the wise word of ‘ Ears are to listen and heart is to obey’ doesn’t work in Keiko. Yet, I have to keep going on melting, moulding and making Keiko to a good character. Before it is too late and no time to regret.

I need to be more tolerant to Keiko and talk as many time as I can to share about her attitude and character. Also, the explanation why she has to listen and obey. I have to keep reminding her to respect her parents, peers and neighbours. That’s not easy at all. Many times we come to argue more and more about who is the boss, who has to listen and obey. This situation is a great blessing to me though. I try to reflect on my self if I have listened and obeyed easily and that quickly when I heard someone talk to me with authority? Am I obedience enough to the words of God? Have I respect my husband and other people around me that Keiko will easily learn about listen and obey from me? The more I see Keiko, the more I encourage myself to be a better person. Once again, Keiko has helped me to build my own character before I can build hers. I can be a better Mom to have a better Keiko. I believe!

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Comment by:
keiko bukan dari indonesia ya...?
Dikirim : 2008-06-24

Comment by:
be patient mom, children her age are always seeking our attention. As a parent we have to be more wise and knows exactly how to control her. Not with strong word or try to "bend" her as you said, but try to communicate with her more. Find out what she really wants. Just look at the bright side mom, having a unique child like Keiko will change you to be a better person, better wife and better mom...
Dikirim : 2008-06-23

Dikirim : 2008-06-23

Comment by:
yes...agree sm teh erin dech, tp ada sedikit tambahan, yg lebih sabaar ya bun..
Dikirim : 2008-06-23

Comment by:
Keiko udah sekolah? Coba minta teacher di sekolah Keiko ikut bantu bicara sama Keiko ya Bu... barangkali kalo sama gurunya dia mau lebih mendengarkan. Satu hal lagi jangan lupa berdoa tiap malam dekat dengan Keiko saat dia tidur... supaya Tuhan juga bantu ruba Keiko jadi anak yang baik
Dikirim : 2008-06-23

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