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Blog posted on 31-12-2018
It has always been a tough challenge for teachers to make students interest in any subject. This is also due to the variables that are affected and also their engagement with a particular subject. Lack of interest, no proper concentration in the class, family problems, learning disabilities, and many more. It’s not fun all the time when you as students come to the university. Whatever is

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Blog posted on 27-12-2018
Adolescence is a stage of change and sometimes of rebellion, so it can be difficult for a father to manage the relationship with a child of this age. In this vital period, adolescents can experience hormonal changes, situations of identity search and frustrations that can determine their behavior and the relationship with their loved ones.

The relationship with parents, due to

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Blog posted on 18-12-2018
That Singapore is one giant shopping mall is a fact I cannot deny, not when I have just recently visited and been swept off my feet by the Lion City. I shopped till I dropped, literally! I dropped on my hotel room bed, thankfully, but the happiness that came with packing bags upon bags of goodies to carry home cannot be replaced by any other. 

Your shopping bonanza

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Blog posted on 11-12-2018
Your travel schedule to Malaysia may be well planned. But there’s always a different thrill to do something that is not on your list. After all Malaysia is much more than just malls, beaches and partying.

Travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur is quite convenient since it is a major bus terminal and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can

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Blog posted on 22-11-2018

Pada awalnya, pandangan ke kota ini mungkin tidak terlihat menarik bagi para turis di luar sana. Banyak turis yang memperlakukan Surabaya hanya sebagai pintu menuju ke kota Bali yang indah saja.

Namun, ketika saya menginjakkan kaki di Kota Pahlawan ini saya merasa takjub karena tingkat urbanisasi di kota ini telah meningkat. Ini tepatnya karena penggunaan teknologi abad

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