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Blog -- The health benefits of breast milk

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The health benefits of breast milk

Blog posted on 24-09-2017

The health benefits of breast milk or breast milk have long been unknown to many people. But now the researchers have mentioned the benefits of breast milk is the last success they find. The existence of this discovery, the advice to give baby to breast milk instead of regular formula milk never strengthened.

As reported by the Daily Mail, a team of researchers at Duke University Medical Center found a baby drinking breast milk experiencing more healthful intestinal growth. This is because breast milk is apparently pushing a unique flora macrobiotic colony to improve the development of the immune system.

"This is the first study that shows the effects of breast milk on good bacteria that support healthy intestinal newborns," the brilliant chief scientist, Dr. William Parker.

Dr. Parker also explains that only breast milk can provide this benefit. All researchers hope that they are able to develop a replacement for breast milk that has almost the same composition. So for mothers who have problems with breast milk production, the baby can still get similar benefits.

Before that, there are studies that mention breast milk decreases the symptoms of diarrhea, flu and respiratory infections in infants. In addition, it turns out that breast milk is also known to be able to fight allergies, multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, and other diseases.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health as long as it has been suggested that mothers give breast milk in infants for at least six months. Unfortunately, many mothers who have stopped delivering babies on breast milk after feeding only three months.

"This research is increasingly demonstrating that breast milk is the most nutritious vegetable milk for the baby." In addition, the baby is drinking breast milk usually healthier, breastfeeding mothers as well. They (mothers) can reduce the risk of cancer. "Thus, during breast milk is still circulating, the baby should be given the milk of his mother himself," according to Dr. Gabriela Panayotti of Duke University Medical Center.

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