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Blog -- Ways to increase students learning

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Ways to increase students learning

Blog posted on 31-12-2018

It has always been a tough challenge for teachers to make students interest in any subject. This is also due to the variables that are affected and also their engagement with a particular subject. Lack of interest, no proper concentration in the class, family problems, learning disabilities, and many more. It’s not fun all the time when you as students come to the university. Whatever is taught in the class, is only for you, BUT, at the end you need to give a try and perform at your best. 

Well, Change is not always welcomed and when the need is there to change; vision, strategies, materials and instructional methods, all needs to be in working order for the overall improvement.

Let’s get started and share the ways by which teachers can give their best and be creative to increase students learning.

Learning is part of the daily life and Fun

It is always a matter of interest to relate a subject with your daily life routine, this will help in making more of an interest in which the teacher is explaining. And, sometimes, you are well aware that some subjects are just ‘boring’, you as teachers need to be creative and make the learning process a more FUN. Try some tricks, magical chairs, showing some comedy… Make your students enjoy in a way that they never forget that subject.

Relevance to their Careers

Many of the think that at the end of their academic year, from university, they will be ready to get a good job. This is the way many of the parents and students see university like that. But, unfortunately, this is not the way. You as students need to take advantage of the subject and make it work within the environment. Teachers need to give focus to students on their careers and explain them the subject relevancy in fields like how doctor and engineer can use this particular information and hot dancer, writer can become successful using the strategy in this subject/ topic.

Providing the opportunity to practice

If the teacher really wants to get engaged with the students and want them to learn something, then make them participate in some activity. Ask them for some input in the subject in form of presentation; tell them to look for resources. Well, taking of resources…

Use of multiple resources

In order to make students awake in the class during the presentation, teachers must use multiple resources. Ask your students to do my assignment in UK formatting style to get use to the standards and improve their writing skills. They can also relate the assignment with some video, story or some guest to speak of the topic.

Make them learn about OBJECTIVITY

Teachers need to be attentive in the class when the students are working on some task. They much know the difference between thinking and assisting and also answering.  How much time they need to think for an answer and not only answer, but also in their learning. The time controlling strategy will help students to increase their objectivity in getting to know about the instructions and other combinations.

Leave the exams, for later

Do not be too fast in starting the new topic and without taking the test as a routine work. Try to introduce some new paramount’s in teaching (Project based learning, Inquiry based learning) to make it fun and students will get in touch with the subject in some other dimension.

Teach smarter

To enhance the students learning and make them come to the class, you need to change your teaching style and incorporate research-based strategies.  You need to be on top of the latest developments in teaching and developing new research base strategies.

Change the classroom environment

Students tend to get bored, sitting the whole day in the class, especially at the university level.  So, why not give them the opportunity to use a different environment and see how it affects their learning. Take them to some educational trip (related with the topic) museum, mature walk or even the backyard of the university. The fresh air on their faces and other galore will keep them alert and more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Getting the very best from the students is not always an easy task. But, you need to know about their hobbies and goals in order to better relate that particular interest in their lives. Students also have demands and you as teachers need to live up with their expectations and offer your best to make them understand.

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6 keys to understanding and treating a teenage student

Blog posted on 27-12-2018

Adolescence is a stage of change and sometimes of rebellion, so it can be difficult for a father to manage the relationship with a child of this age. In this vital period, adolescents can experience hormonal changes, situations of identity search and frustrations that can determine their behavior and the relationship with their loved ones.

The relationship with parents, due to their closeness and their attempt to control their behavior, can cause complex situations and conflicts of great intensity. Largely because teenagers want to be more independent and live life in their own way.

Many parents go through delicate situations when dealing with their children. In this article, I suggest some tips to understand and deal with your teenager.

Adolescence is a complicated stage

Adolescence is a difficult stage and many parents can feel overwhelmed. We have all been adolescents, and we know how the relationship with our parents can become tense during this stage. It is at this moment when people begin to explore new horizons and understand that there is a world waiting outside the family. A teenager is more sensitive to events that happen away from the family nucleus, which prepares them for later stages and for adult life.

This stage is key to achieving sufficient confidence, a strong perstudentality, and to be a successful adult in different areas of life and in these years one learns to gain acceptance from others, especially those of the same age. It is no longer enough for the family to accept and support their children, and those parents who understand this change will help the child to grow healthier in the psychological aspect and be more prepared to face the challenges that life may require in the future.

1. Have the will to understand

It is easy to be carried away by emotions and get into conflicts when a child seems to go to theirs. However, interperstudental relationships with children of this age are complicated by a number of reastudents. It is not about giving in to the whims of a child, but understanding the situation as it is will help you better manage conflicts and make wise decisions.

Therefore, we must strive to adopt the perspective of the student or daughter, and take into account the whole set of elements that are influencing their way of living life and to value their own happiness and concerns.

2. Think about when you were a teenager

Following the line of the previous point, remember how you were in your time as a teenager. To understand your child it is good to put yourself on his skin and think about him at his age. Maybe you were not the same, but you were not perfect either. The need for independence, wanting to explore, the search for identity ... are characteristic behaviors of this age that can generate family conflicts.

3. Respect your needs

It is easy to think that, by being a father, you can adopt an authoritarian stance on your child. However, it is always better to listen to their needs and reach agreements.

In this way, you can know where the limits are and allow certain levels of independence without having to pass them. This alternative is much better than using dominance, which introduces another obstacle in the relationship and makes effective communication difficult.

4. Let him make his own mistakes

Experience can be a good way to learn, because the impact it has on us can positively mark us if we know how to analyze the situation and develop resources so as not to make mistakes again. Do not be an overly protective father. As much as possible, and as long as there is no great risk to your child, let him, experiment.

5. Communicate with him or her

Mentioned in an article on do my university assignment for me, one of the biggest mistakes that parents can make is to adopt a position of superiority and domination over their children. Because, as in any interperstudental relationship, communication is always more effective. If your child feels respected, loved, and communication flows, he will find in you the support he needs to grow as a perstudent.

6. Listen actively

This point is closely related to the previous one, and because it improves communication. It is not about hearing what he says, but about listening to him in his verbal and non-verbal language. If you remember your time as a teenager, you will know that it was not easy. Now is the time to be by your student's side . After all, one of the reastudents why many teenage students and daughters underestimate the possibility of talking with their parents is that the latter do not understand them, and not listening actively confirms this prejudice.

How to behave in front of a rebellious teenager?

Some parents, those with rebellious children, can really have a hard time with how their child behaves. They are young questioners, angry, who often do not respect the rules and who may come to see parents as enemies.

Many parents in this situation do not know how to react and what they should do in the daily situations they live. Although not guilty, they can be found in complex and painful contexts. It is not easy to manage this situation.

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Reach Orchard Road, Singapore for shopping by bus

Blog posted on 18-12-2018

That Singapore is one giant shopping mall is a fact I cannot deny, not when I have just recently visited and been swept off my feet by the Lion City. I shopped till I dropped, literally! I dropped on my hotel room bed, thankfully, but the happiness that came with packing bags upon bags of goodies to carry home cannot be replaced by any other. 

Your shopping bonanza in Singapore must begin with the discovery and exploration of the gigantic Orchard Road. Similar to London’s Oxford Street or Hong Kong’s Tshimshatsui, this bustling boulevard got its name after the nutmeg and pepper plantations that once lined it in the 1800s.


For someone with a fashion style sense that reads something like, ‘feminine rock’, there are not many places that I can safely cater to this need of mine. 

Orchard Central Shopping Mall

One of the new kids on the block is Orchard Central towers above other Orchard Road shopping malls. Take one of the six super escalators to explore this mall, which includes some quirky modern art pieces and the world’s tallest indoor climbing wall. 

Arriving at Orchard Road is no trouble at all. I took my tickets from the Android app and the rest of my journey went by without any hiccups.

Flanked on both sides by local and international department stores, tiny boutiques, offices, spas, beauty salons, hotels, entertainment spots, restaurants, and cafes, one could spend a whole day trawling the stretch starting from Tanglin Mall on Tanglin Road down to Plaza Singapura at the lower end of Orchard Road.

ION Orchard is another popular landmark on Orchard Road. It is said to be Singapore’s first multi-sensory experiential shopping and lifestyle mall. And it sure didn’t disappoint! The land where the brands dwell, this gargantuan mall is home to more than 300 stores, including Charles & Keith, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, etc. The shopping mall is an architectural wonder within itself. When you look at the mall from a distance it looks like a modern-day marvel. It is home to some of the most luxurious brands. I only came across two budget outlets that were top shop and new look. The food court of ION Orchard is considered to be one of the largest in the whole of Singapore. It has a menu with the largest variety of food in one location. For those of who are more into fine dine choices you will be delighted to know that there are more than a dozen fine restaurants here starring celebrity chefs. The best part about ION Orchard is that it is not just apparels and restaurants that sum it up, in fact there’s more than that the place has to offer!! The building is also known to host some of the most renowned art exhibitions.

For chic street fashion wear, enter Far East Plaza that is situated at the heart of Orchard Road. T-shirts, dresses, accessories, you name it and you will find its trendiest streetwear option. 

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Top activities to do when on a holiday in Malaysia

Blog posted on 11-12-2018

Your travel schedule to Malaysia may be well planned. But there’s always a different thrill to do something that is not on your list. After all Malaysia is much more than just malls, beaches and partying.

Travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur is quite convenient since it is a major bus terminal and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from redbus. Alternatively, you can also download the Android or iOS app from respective App stores and save some time and money.

It has some very unique experiences to offer, especially if you are open to trying new things. If you said yes to that then here’s what you can do on one fine day in KL:

Pitch-dark dining: Go a step beyond candlelight dinners and visit the Dining in the Dark restaurant. The meals are served entirely in darkness and customers are encouraged to focus more on using all their other senses while having dinner. Every sound, every moment and every taste is an adventure in itself here. You may think it is a challenge of some sort providing a unique experience and it is exactly that! It is a culinary experience like no other and one that you must have at least once in your lifetime. I was a little uncomfortable in the beginning but then I slowly started to realize the whole point of it! The taste of food is not always based on what it looks like. I will make sure that I visit this place again on my next trip to Malaysia! Make sure to try out some of their signature dishes on offer. The menu consists of cuisines from all parts of the world and is not restricted to a specific region. It is truly a must visit destination for every foodie out there. The staff is quite interactive and tell you about the dish as it is served. If you are lucky enough you might even be allowed to meet the chef who prepared the dish for feedback.

Take a walk in the sky: No, really. Take the Skytrex and climb up the rainforest tops and cross different obstacles at least 22 meters high up in the air. The zip line challenges or jungle canopy adventure have rejuvenated the park's long forgotten attraction as Malaysia's first agricultural park. Take up the challenge and pump up the adrenaline on our many circuits at the various parks in which we are located and experience the best and most exciting forest adventure in Malaysia.  Collect exclusive t-shirts, colorful buttons, trendy wrist bands, collectible fridge magnets, designer key chains, hilarious car mini suckers, sporty aluminum bottles, umbrellas and much more. This is an adrenaline-filled activity that will let you take in the best views of Malaysia’s skyline. The view from the top is amazing unlike the ones that you see from hotel windows. It provides a 360 degree view of the beautiful skyline of Malaysia.


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Berkeliling Antarprovinsi dari Kota Surabaya ke Kota Yogyakarta dengan Transportasi Umum Bus

Blog posted on 22-11-2018

Pada awalnya, pandangan ke kota ini mungkin tidak terlihat menarik bagi para turis di luar sana. Banyak turis yang memperlakukan Surabaya hanya sebagai pintu menuju ke kota Bali yang indah saja.

Namun, ketika saya menginjakkan kaki di Kota Pahlawan ini saya merasa takjub karena tingkat urbanisasi di kota ini telah meningkat. Ini tepatnya karena penggunaan teknologi abad ke-21 dan kegiatan pengembangan infrasturktur. Ketika anda tinggal lebih dalam di kota Pahlawan ini anda akan menyadari bahwa disini memiliki percampuran penduduk yang terdiri dari orang-orang asli Indonesia, Islam, Belanda dan Tionghoa. Satu-satunya masalah yang melanda kota ini adalah kemacetannya yang terkenal. Ketika anda berjalan melintasi jalan, anda akan menyadari bahwa kota ini memiliki perpaduan unik arsitektur kuno dan modern yang bersatu membentuk lanskap yang indah. Budaya kaya yang ada di kota inilah yang telah membawa saya ke sini pertama kali.

Saya mengunjungi beberapa taman botani yang tersebar luas di atas berhektar-hektar tanah, Museum Sampoerna, beberapa Masjid, Gereja dan pasar besar. Jadi jika anda ingin tahu lebih banyak tentang budaya Indonesia, saya akan mengatakan kepada anda bahwa Surabaya adalah destinasi yang wajib dikunjungi. Kota ini terdiri dari berbagai pilihan akomodasi mewah seperti Sheraton dan J W Mariott. Akan sulit bagi anda yang memiliki anggaran minim untuk menemukan akomodasi disini karena beberapa hotel mewah bintang 7 yang muncul ada hampir di setiap jalan. Kamar tipe deluxe dapat merogoh kocek anda sekitar Rp 545.000,-. Tinggal di kota ini akan membuat lubang di kantong saya karena mahalnya akomodasi dan saya memutuskan untuk mengadakan tur singkat saja ke kota ini dalam satu hari penuh dan lebih memilihh untuk menuju ke tujuan saya berikutnya yang berangkat pada tengah malam.

Saya telah memesan tiket bus saya dari situs saat saya baru saja tiba di Surabaya pada pagi hari agar saya dapat langsung pergi meninggalkan Surabaya pada tengah malam seperti yang sudah saya rencanakan sebelumnya di daftar rencana liburan saya. Saya pernah pergi ke Yogyakarta yang mana dulu masih merupakan kota yang relatif lebih kecil dan masih dalam pengembangan. Ini tidak menarik banyak turis yang bepergian ke Yogyakarta dan pada waktu itu hanya ada 2 Operator bus yang melayani rute ini. Hingga kini hanya kedua operator ini saja yang ada di situs web. Jarak antara 2 kota ini adalah sekitar 11 jam tetapi saya menemukan tiket bus cukup murah dan harga terjangkau seharga Rp 90.000,- sangat setimpal dengan waktu perjalanan yang lama. Operator Bus Eka memiliki sekitar 8 bus yang melakukan perjalanan dari Kota Pahlawan Surabaya ke Kota Pelajar Yogyakarta yang dimulai dari pukul 08.30 di pagi hari dan frekuensi bus ada setiap 3 jam sekali. Jadi jika anda bepergian dengan Operator ini anda dapat memilih waktu yang nyaman yaitu antara 20.30 dan 22.30 malam. Karena saya sedang dalam perjalanan antar kota yang pendek, saya memutuskan untuk memesan Bus pada pukul 22.30 malam sehingga saya bisa mendapatkan cukup waktu untuk tur ke seluruh bagian kota Surabaya dan kemudian menuju Yogyakarta. Rinjani adalah operator mewah yang menjalani rute di antara dua kota ini. Bagi mereka yang mencari kemewahan, Rinjani adalah salah satu Operator terbaik karena saya pernah bepergian dengan mereka pada beberapa waktu lalu. Namun, mereka hanya memiliki 2 bus yang berangkat, pertama pada pukul 19.00 malam dan yang lainnya pada pukul 21.00 malam. Tiketnya ditawarkan dengan harga yang sedikit lebih tinggi dan ini cukup jelas karena Operator ini menawarkan berbagai fasilitas mewah di dalam Bus.


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