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Blog -- first attempt - 12 nov 2011

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first attempt - 12 nov 2011

Blog posted on 15-11-2011
today, this noon, i bought a test pack (feel curious whether im pregnant or not). 

and i felt my heart beating. i\'ve been hoping for this. i mean, although i was just getting married 1 months ago but still.. i was hoping. deeply.

so here i am, waiting the tick tock reached 5mnts and... voila! 2 stripes!!!! yes im not wrong! 2! Alhamdulillah :)

after that, i keep thinking if i should say this first attempt to my beloved husband or not. i mean, he's going to reach his 30yo in december, so i guess this news would be so surprising! and im sure he will be very happy since he really wants having kids.

when he got home from office, i really can't wait to say this. 

so i said to him "what if i were pregnant? i mean, do we still have to go to NL?"

he stopped his activity, and stared at me straight to my eyes, "are you pregnant darling?"

i rolled my eyes and i thought my cheeks were blushing anyway :") and i said "yes".

he soon said Alhamdulillah and looked very happy then he looked to the test pack, i guess words can't even describe our feelings. i mean, Subhanallah, since many married couples are trying so hard for having kids, me, which His Permission , have no difficulty to get pregnant. don't u think this is a miracle???? yes THIS IS MIRACLE. i thank Allah for that. i really do.

the next thing i know, he's busy to tell everyone that his wife is pregnant!!! :)

and the after day i keep buying like 3-4 pregnancy test (just wanna make sure) and of course all of them are positive! :)

so here we are, as a daddy-to-be, and mommy-to-be.

wish us luck! pray for this baby so i can give birth to him/her with normal condition, healthy, and of course sholeh/sholehah.. Amiin.. *pray* 

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