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Blog -- Jalan-jalan ke Yogya

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Jalan-jalan ke Yogya

Blog posted on 04-09-2007

Hello friends...

My name Muhammad Ramadhan Ginting. u can call me Rama.

This is the fist time i went 2 yogya with my mommy and daddy.

I really enjoy very much...

I went there by train coz i want 2 know how was it fell. Started from home at night then we arrived in the morning. After we cleaned n dressed up, we went 2 Borobudur  temple...

wow... it was surprising...

The weather was too hot for me.. but i enjoyed it...

I walked from the lower ground and then step by step up 2 the highest stupa.. i'm not lonely 2 walked there coz i was not walking well yet.. That why my mommy always held on my hand.

finally... i already on the top of the temple... i took a picture next the biggest stupa...

i was so happy....

i won't forget it...

i think that all my experiences  took a trip in Yogya...

so what about u...?



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