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Blog -- Experience the 5 Solo Travel Destinations of India

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Experience the 5 Solo Travel Destinations of India

Blog posted on 24-02-2019

There are sure things in life that you should do individually, all by being independent for at least once in your whole life. India is an overwhelming nation where everybody certainly appreciates the disclosure. Voyaging Solo in India is procuring fame among the travel community continuously because of the sheer immediacy that accompanies it. The desire to find oneself alongside profound revival and stream of bold adrenaline turn into an ideal motivation to gather your travel sack. Simply cherish the joy to climb those tranquil mountains or walk around serene shorelines, without anybody’s input.

When you are a solo traveller, taking buses is a recommendable option. Undoubtedly, Buses are safer and cost effective compared to other modes of transport. Booking online bus tickets from is convenient and hassle-free. Undergo trusted online booking process and enjoy the roads leading to your destination, all by yourself!

Solo travel additionally concedes you as not be detained by the impulses and fancies of your kindred explorers and your travel arrangement is generally unblemished by bunch progression. By chance if you need to trek up that hill on your next outing to the Himalayas, or watch the dawn by the shoreline on your next visit to Gokarna, so motivate yourself, get set and go! You get a feeling of autonomy and flexibility, from being out of your comfort zone while additionally getting energizing stories to impart to individuals back at home! Here are a few spots you should find on the off chance that you have been touched slightly by the bug called craving for new experiences!

The exhilarating mountain air and undulating topography, the ridges of the desert, tranquil seashore, extravagant culture, a mix of dance moves and music, sizable chunk food, myths behind old temples, life behind obsolete fortresses and royal residences… all of these has something to reveal to the world. Just explore them in your own way!

A lone traveller will never run out things in the following destinations of India:

1. Zanskar: The secluded Himalayan valleys called the Zanskar is to be explored by those who want to experience virgin and pristine beauty of India.

2. Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer is a jewel in the Rajasthan’s crown. Camels and sand dunes almost give it an Egyptian feel but the forts remind you that you are still at home. The ultimate feel of the ‘Havelis,’ enormous places and royal residences leave you awestricken. You will be busy marvelling into the past!

3. Gokarna: In the event that a relaxed shoreline encounter is the thing that you are searching for, then Gokarna must be your solo goal. Despite the fact, that it is a temple town, the shorelines here have some crazy blaze evenings and gatherings for all. All the shorelines are with hardly a pause in between each other, each being considerably more wonderful than the earlier one.

4. Manali: Old and modern are both beautiful when it comes to sighting Manali. Thick pine forests and a gushing river make it seem like you have stepped into a perfect world that only exists in books and imaginations.

5. Pondicherry: Fabricated boulevards fixed with splendid yellow townhouses, seafront bistros and eateries draw in numerous explorers to visit India’s own particular French Rivera. It is best to sit on a bike and explore the enchanting town, treat yourself at the bistros or take a stroll down the amazing avenue.

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