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Blog -- 20-May-2010

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Blog posted on 31-07-2010
I still can't forget the day I hardly earned my breath to strugle till I saw you,u just popped !
First time I touch your fingers, they r so tiny I almost think that they were boneless..
First time I touch your hair,so soft,beautiful hair colour..
First time I saw your wide eyes,and you look at me back..I feel like I'm the one who just born in this world..
Your skin speaks tenderness,soft,silky..
First time I hear your voice..what a loudy cry..u seems so tiny yet strong with that \"roaring\"
Your smell is the most sweet fragrance..u smells like butter..
I can't mention the beauty one by one for no words could express such beauty like that..
How can I hold the whole entire universe in my arms?
How can I kiss the heaven?
How can I feel eternaly happiness and not knowing what is sadness?
I don't know how,I can't stop thanking God for this blessed..
Thank you so much God,for trusting me to pet one of your heaven part.. A baby.. A child.. A human..
Thank you Raj,for choosing me as your mother, I will do anything,the max I can to guard you.. Thank you for lighten up my darkness.. Thank you for giving me the air that I can breathe.. Thank you so much for making me alive.. Thank you for this eternal happiness..eternal love.. Thank you my son..
I love you..

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