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Blog -- My Baby Diary

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My Baby Diary

Blog posted on 19-08-2008
A miracle baby.. The Lord give me..
Very amazing feeling looking at the tiny critter is actually living inside me and I can't deny the love i feel for it is growing much stronger until she born..see detail her history in my Blog at
This is a miracle ...
I would like to thank for everybody who give me a courage..especially for my God and our parent for the pray for me and my husband ... Pregnancy is an amazing journey.
While we often talk about it lasting for nine months, pregnancy is generally measured by weeks, lasting 40 weeks or 266 days from conception. Each month brings unique changes for your baby’s growth and development. Enjoy a tour through the entire length of pregnancy in ultrasound pictures and descriptions of how your baby is growing and changing at each stage of pregnancy.These months are designed to be generic and may or may not specifically relate to your pregnancy.

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Bulet eeee... :D
Dikirim : 2008-08-21

Comment by:
Duuuuh...gemezzz-nya koq sm yah, bakpao-nya sm ray))) heeee
Dikirim : 2008-08-20

Comment by:
pipinya itu loooooh...kalo bakpao udah tante maem dech hehehe..
Dikirim : 2008-08-20

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